Saturday, 17 May 2014

Zebra Green my new venture

Cold it was in Ireland.

It has been so long since I have sat down to think about where I am now and think about my journey again.

Thanks to Skee, my designer, pusher of all things go and chief T-Shirt supplier (all round cooler guy than most) I am writing again and setting up sites , tweets to tell everyone to buy my new sauces.

I have always had great taste (my wife will attest to this!).
I know flavour.
Why would you make food and throw on any old sauce over it smothering it without purpose.

I wanted to make sauces that I am proud to have on the table. That look so good in a bottle you don't have time to shake and shove it. My sauces are great. Yip I am saying it, great.

In coming back to Sydney and leaving Ireland, I had a renewed sense of what I wanted. A good life for my family, more time with them and less in a hot kitchen and to keep being creative. I also love being in business, its in the blood.

Here I am 2 years on with a new range of sauces.
A hot sauce; it tingles.
A ketchup, the real deal.
A BBQ that's sweet, sour and zingy.