Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I've arrived and its cold.

I have worked in Ireland before for Shaun Smith-Roberts, at McCloskeys in Bunratty. I am married to an Irish woman and I have been here on holiday. Somehow I have managed all that and not realised how bad the weather is and how much it impacts on your lifestyle. Born in Jo'burg and having lived in Sydney for 17 years I'm kinda used to shorts, swimming & suntans. My wife wanted to come back to her family and after giving so many years to me away I agreed.
Well I've arrived, it is cold and wet but I like it. After a great start working for Hilde & Mark at Lisloughrey Lodge in Cong I was sold on Irish produce and my creative juices flowing. To start work here in Ireland with such passionate professional people was great. However the financial climate, also wet and cold, hit hard and the bank swooped in and downgraded to suit low budge American tourists.
I moved on as did Mark & Hilde.
I have had my own restaurant, Blue Orange Bondi Beach, for many years but this Galway place is a whole different ball game!
I found Tom at Eight and we started to work through his vision and mine.

Mr Tom Sheridan of Eight, bar & restaurant, 8 The Docks, Galway well, he wanted a head chef who would take what he had build to date and push it further. I wanted to run a kitchen that was complimented by vision for good food at reasonable prices and in a casual environment, no barriers to get to the food.
Here I am now, new menus up and running at Eight.ie and we are exploring all this produce and Irish taste buds as we go.

I have found so far there are Irish people, people who live in Ireland and hoards of tourists, all competing for their expectations to be met, in budget and in the case of my mother in law; the food to be served as quickly as possible from moment of sitting down and not least of all pipping hot!


  1. Great introduction. Look forward to reading more.

  2. There is no such things as bad weather - only poor clothing choices. Hope you are settling back in. You should meet my husband. I dragged him here after 16 years of shorts, swimwear and suntans......he is still settling in!